Thursday, March 16, 2006


On Line BS

Have you ever had a player call you,calling station or other fowl name.I have and it is always a player who is unskilled.When I best a good player the reply is nh,gg or at worst nice catch.Case in point one Elvis Henry[pstars name].He writes about how to play the game,how good he is and even his morales are better than other people.During a THF nightly 10p.m. today he observed the game and started chating.Elvis has lousy stats as documented on the pokerdb,never won aTHF game I know of or any other tournement,A recent post on mentioned Elvis was seen at the play tables on Pstars.When I confronted him about it he said he was trying to learn Omaha.Then I asked him to play me HU any amount he wanted.His reply was "No Thanks".If you think your a decent player you'ld accept the challenge at least for 5 bucks.So the next time someone calls you a name on line just remember it is only their insecurity lashing out in anger.If they had any skill they would not be whining.

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