Monday, March 13, 2006


Everyone Hates Mondays

A wet and dreary day in Cleveland,Ohio.I will not miss the weather in this town.Vegas may get hot,but that can't be depressing.I had a chance to read some more blogs today that I have never read.I really feel lame now!However I am just starting out and like everything in life practice will improve my skills.Spent the day preparing for the big move,1 week left.Didn't play much poker today,played poorly when I did however kept to lower limit tourneys to conserve the bankroll.With 1 week left in town my thoughts are on unfinished work.Buildings to blow up,people to kill,and woman to molest.However as usual I'll be good and not act on my thoughts.Hope to have more time to write Tusday. I am stealing some good ideas from other bloggers lol.

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