Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Busy Busy Busy

I am very busy getting ready for the move to Vegas.I have many ideas for the blog yet dont have the time.Even poker has taken a backseat,on monday won 6 dollars on Tuesday lost 8 dollars.Usually 2 days of poker and Im crying or reserving a suite at the Rio.Saw my friend Glenn today,Glenn has pretty much quit working and is playing poker for a living.Will write more of his exploits another day.Question of the day Amanda Bynes or Scarlett Johansson?In my world Scarlett dominates Amanda into submission,as I watch of course.One of the toughest ?s ever asked of me was by my son charles at the age of 10."Dad how come guys like lesbians if lesbians don't like men?"I told him I dont know but if he figured it out to let me know.God I can't wait for Vegas!

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