Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sorry Blog

I have been in Las Vegas over a month and ignored the blog.I have been busy,gambling and trying to convince young girls I'm important.I have taken a job as a supervisior for retail sales at the airport.It is tough landing a job on this town,from out of town.Until you are here a year you are considered "flight risk".Luckily I have a great lady that has helped me through this rough tide.We have tickets to the "Price Is Right" in June.I cant wait to see Hollywood.I do miss my sons very much,however the potential here still makes my call right.I will write more often,not that anyone reads but myself.

Saturday, April 01, 2006



Well I have landed in Vegas.It is everything I expected so far except for the bad beats.I have had more bad beats than I do on the net.Its part of the game I just have to live with them.Been playing a lot at Sams Town casino.They have a nice 1-5 stud game always going.Playing has taken a backseat to finding work.I have an interview Monday at The Plaza for a job as a sports ticket writer.I will write more when I have the chance.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


On Line BS

Have you ever had a player call you,calling station or other fowl name.I have and it is always a player who is unskilled.When I best a good player the reply is nh,gg or at worst nice catch.Case in point one Elvis Henry[pstars name].He writes about how to play the game,how good he is and even his morales are better than other people.During a THF nightly 10p.m. today he observed the game and started chating.Elvis has lousy stats as documented on the pokerdb,never won aTHF game I know of or any other tournement,A recent post on mentioned Elvis was seen at the play tables on Pstars.When I confronted him about it he said he was trying to learn Omaha.Then I asked him to play me HU any amount he wanted.His reply was "No Thanks".If you think your a decent player you'ld accept the challenge at least for 5 bucks.So the next time someone calls you a name on line just remember it is only their insecurity lashing out in anger.If they had any skill they would not be whining.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Busy Busy Busy

I am very busy getting ready for the move to Vegas.I have many ideas for the blog yet dont have the time.Even poker has taken a backseat,on monday won 6 dollars on Tuesday lost 8 dollars.Usually 2 days of poker and Im crying or reserving a suite at the Rio.Saw my friend Glenn today,Glenn has pretty much quit working and is playing poker for a living.Will write more of his exploits another day.Question of the day Amanda Bynes or Scarlett Johansson?In my world Scarlett dominates Amanda into submission,as I watch of course.One of the toughest ?s ever asked of me was by my son charles at the age of 10."Dad how come guys like lesbians if lesbians don't like men?"I told him I dont know but if he figured it out to let me know.God I can't wait for Vegas!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Everyone Hates Mondays

A wet and dreary day in Cleveland,Ohio.I will not miss the weather in this town.Vegas may get hot,but that can't be depressing.I had a chance to read some more blogs today that I have never read.I really feel lame now!However I am just starting out and like everything in life practice will improve my skills.Spent the day preparing for the big move,1 week left.Didn't play much poker today,played poorly when I did however kept to lower limit tourneys to conserve the bankroll.With 1 week left in town my thoughts are on unfinished work.Buildings to blow up,people to kill,and woman to molest.However as usual I'll be good and not act on my thoughts.Hope to have more time to write Tusday. I am stealing some good ideas from other bloggers lol.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


WPBT Tourney

Wow I had a great Sunday.Played in the WPBT Pot Limit Omaha game and finished 2nd.All my blogging heroes were there,Dr. Pauly.Change100 and many others.It gives me even more motivation and funds for my poker adventure.Dr. Pauly's site started me to blogging and is in my links.If I become half the writer he is I shall be proud of myself.Its late will write more Monday.


Sunday Results

Played in the Grand Finale for a seat in the W.S.O.P.,finished 10th and won a seat to the next Grand Finale.Played a heads ip match in the Rec.Gambling.Poker March Madness tourney and won.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Crazy Keith goes to Vegas

On Monday March 20,I shall be leaving lovely Cleveland,Ohio for Sin City.I leave behind my twin sons age 16.This is the hardest thing I have ever done,if not for them I would have left the rust belt years earlier.I will be attempting to play poker for a living.For those of you that have played with my online will say he is Crazy.I have found that my live poker is extremely better than my online game.This blog will serve as record of my play and experiences in Las Vegas.My girlfriend of 8 years Cathy is going also.She and my sons serve as my inspirations to make it in the world of professional poker.Please bare with me as I'm new to blogging,soon will have links for poker and Las Vegas.Thanx for reading!

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